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We are one of the leading manufacturers of HVAC Equipment in South India and are proud to offer you wide range of Air Treatment Units manufactured at our Factory in Chennai to suit your site conditions With the experience acquired over the years in our Industry, involving the search for innovative technological solutions at a technical design level has stupendous technical know how and that is used on a daily basis. Adheres to standards required for indoor air management.
Flexibility, adaptability consistency and timely services are our main moto. Floor Mounted Horizontal / Vertical Double Skin Air Handling Units, FCU, ECU and Wet Scrubbers. .

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Kalyana Raman S

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AHU System

We provide various type service to AHU System such as cooling capacity upgrade, chemical cleaning, filter replacement, etc..

Maintenance & Repair

System Upgrade

New System Installation

Maintenance & Repair

Regular, planned maintenance is the most effective way of making energy savings and extending the life of expensive air handling equipment. For critical air movement plant in schools, hospitals and offices, it is essential.

CHW Motorised Valve Replacement

Primary Filter Replacement

Chemical Cleaning. etc..

New AHU System Installation

With years of experience in the industrial and commercial sectors of ventilation and air handling units (AHU) the our team are able to design an energy efficient HVAC solution for your businesss.


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